Panel Systems are manufacturers, fabricators and distributors of panel products to a diverse range of markets including building, caravan, education and leisure.  

CNC-5-AXIS is dedicated to providing the best CNC routing & cutting services to our customers. 

Panel Systems CAD design team are using Solidworks alongside Alphacam software to increase our capabilities and provide and excellent level of service.

Our online service allows you to upload your designs with ease!

CNC-5-AXIS capabilities

  • Additional 2-axis (Twist and Tilt movements)
  • Able to cut underneath materials in one process
  • Machine 3D shapes
  • Can handle materials up to 5 meters in length
  • Reduced machining time delivering on speed and quality
  • Handles a higher level of complex designs
  • Manufactures intricate shapes
  • Great surface finish 
  • Variety of machining tools
  • Cutting area - 2500mm X 1500mm or 5000mm X 1500mm

CNC-3-AXIS capabilities

  • Precise cutting
  • Complex jobs
  • Cutting services
  • Machining of stepped surfaces
  • Uses X,Y and Z axis simultaneously 
  • Sanding applied for more complex shapes
  • Cutting area - 2750mm X 1200mm

Panel systems is one of the UK's leading suppliers of insulation products, Architectural panels, structural foams and portable staging systems.

For more information on our other products visit the website or call direct on : 0114 249 5635